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Data logger Termio-2

Producent: Termoprodukt

Datasheet: Termio-2

Software: Logsoft               

Termio-2: User manual

Termio-2: Calibration manual

Technical data and functions

  •  Temperature measurement from -100°C to 300°C
  •  Temperature recording with a resolution of 0.01°C
  •  Recording indication with a LOG sign displayed
  •  Display of information about exceeded allowable values
  •  Start directly from a computer with a time delay or START/STOP from a button
  •  Recording frequency from 1 minute
  •  Sample rating interval 1 measurements per 30 second
  •  Access to maximum and minimum values
  •  Low battery indication
  •  Temperature exceeding indication with a flashing LED
  •  Built-in USB port
  •  Battery life approximately 8760 hours @ 8°C

The table provides the types of probes and their dimensions in the standard version.

Probe typeST-05-PFAST-05-FEPST-05-SST-11
Degree of protectionIP67IP67IP68IP67
Temperature range-100° to 260°C-100°C to 205°C-30°C to 180°C-100°C to 270°C
Lead operating temperature-190°C to 260°C-100°C to 205°C-30°C to 180°C-100°C to 205°C
Max handle operating temperature---205°C
Lead materialPFAFEPSiliconFEP
Lead Length1m1m1m1m
Probe length50mm50mm50mm100mm
Probe diameterØ3.3mm

The Termio-2 temperature data logger can be connected to the LogSoft application, which is used for reading/programming the logger and is compatible with the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

Termio-2 can be connected to a computer via the simplest USB cable.

Termio-2 creates many files with data - each time when recording is started and stopped new file is created and saved in memory.

Data can be easily displayed as graph and table, printed or saved in .txt or .pdf format.

General purpose data logger Termio-2 can be manufactured with any of temperature platinum probe from our offer.

Calibration certificate for Termio-2 data logger with ST-05 temperature probe, which was calibraterd in two points 0°C and 100°C. 

Differences between Termio-1 and Termio-2 listed below:

Recording frequency from 1 secondRecording frequency from 1 minute
Sample rating interval 2 measurements per secondSample rating interval 1 measurement per 30 seconds
Battery life approximately 2880 hours @ 8°CBattery life approximately 8760 hours @ 8°C
Data logger Termio-2 Manual
Logsoft Guide - Operating Manual
Temperature range -100 to + 300°C
Resolution 0.01°C
Accuracy ±0.07 °C(-10 °C to 100 °C), ±0.15°C(101 °C to 150 °C) otherwise ±0.5 °C
Recording frequency from 1 minute
Sampling frequency of measurements 1 measurement per 30 seconds
Memory 32 000 readings - ability to create many files with data
Start / Stop recording from button,from clock or from computer directly, adjustable delayed start or end
Alarm indication YES
Alarm indication LED YES
Maximum and minimum temperature YES
Hold function YES
Dimensions 45 mm × 100 mm × 19 mm
Protection IP65-electronics
Power 1x lithium battery 3.6V (1 / 2AA) included
Battery life approximately 12 months
Lead length standard 1 m, other size available on request
Interface USB
Measurement scale Celsius
Case material ABS plastic
Weight 85 g
Response time 30 seconds
Low battery indication YES
Country of manufacture Poland
Producer Termoprodukt

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Temperature data logger Termio-2

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