About Termoprodukt - Thermometer Manufacturer

Termoprodukt is digital thermometer, data loggers and temperature probes manufacturer from Europe.

We started our bussines as family company in 1996 r. Through all this years we have gained a lot of experiences. Started with digital thermometers, now we manufacture temperature data loggers and temperature probes. Metting the Clients needs we make customized probe size and provide servis for our meters. Our devices are used in food industry, in pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, construction, research instisutions and in laboratories.

From our experience we know how important is accurate temperature measurement in each industry taht is why we offer the best of our digital thermometers, data loggers and temperature probes for our customers. 

As thermometer manufacturer we offer as well price negociations.

Openig hours

Termoproduct company is opened Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 15:00.

Our advantages:

  • guarantee and after-guarantee service for our products
  • wide range of measuring probes 
  • customized temperature probe with resistance sensors according customers specifications
  • free updates of programs working with our devices
  • quality

Our offer:

  • laboratory digital thermometers
  • industrial digital thermometers
  • thermometers for refrigerators
  • temperature data loggers
  • temperature probes
  • customized probes