Terms & Conditions

Termoprodukt online shop regulations :

§ 1. General Provisions
1.    Definitions:
   I.        Customer – an adult individual or business that purchases the Products in Store
  II.        Consumer – Customer that purchases the Products in Store
 III.        Regulations – mean these Regulations of the Online Store
 IV.        Store – online store of Termoprodukt: http://shopen.termoprodukt.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home
  V.        Seller: means Piotr Wróblewski, the owner of PPHU TERMOPRODUKT company with the principal  place of business in BIELAWA, ul. Tkacka 17, 58-260 Bielawa, NIP (Tax ID) 882-145-99-56; Regon (National Business Registry Number) 890399085
 VI.        Product - a movable thing available in the Online Store which is the subject of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Seller.
2.    These Regulations contains general terms and conditions of using the Store. The provisions of these Regulations are not aimed to exclude or limit any rights that the consumers are entitled to under binding provisions of law. 
3.    The owner of the Online Store is the Seller.
4.    Contact with the Seller is possible by e-mail: agata@termoprodukt.com.pl or phone : + 48 576 195 304
5.    Buying in Termoprodukt store: http://shopen.termoprodukt.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home Customer accept this Terms & conditions

§ 2. Order form

1.    To make purchases from the Online Store and, at the same time, to conclude sale agreement you must place an order on the website of the Store filling in an order form. The data required for the processing of the order are: name and surname, name of the company, delivery address, National Business Registry Number and contact information (name and surname, phone number, e-mail address).

2.    Placing an order in our Online Store is equivalent to the Customer approval to processing personal data (typed in order form). According to the Personal Data Protection Act of 19 August, 1997 *Journal of Laws No. 101, 1997, item 883) the personal data of the Customer are stored into our database.  The Customer agrees to processing their personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the order or for the marketing purposes. The Customer has a right to control, change or claim to stop processing their data.

§ 3. Store offer and purchase terms
1.    A number of offered product in our Online Store is variable and it is updated constantly.
2.    Orders are fulfilled in order of proposals.
3.    To make purchase the Customer must correctly fill in the order form and send it to Termoprodukt using our service at http://www.shop.termoprodukt.co.uk
4.    Termoprodukt reserves the right to withhold fulfilling the order or changing the terms of the order. The company shall immediately inform the Customer.
5.    Each correctly placed order will be processed immediately (for standard devices), not later than the next working day from the time of payment for order.
6.    After verifying the order form, the Seller sends to the Customer an e-mail containing information about the conditions of the agreement (time limit of completion, payment conditions).
7.    For each purchase we send an invoice.
8.    Cancellation of order can be make after accepted after prior negotiation and agreement. Customer will be liable for all costs incurred to date.

§ 4. Delivery
1.    The Products will be delivered to the address typed into the order form.
2.    The price of the Product will be paid by PAYPAL service or bank transfer.
3.    Non delivery or any delivery discrepancy must be reported in writing to Seller.
4.    Delivery time for probe,temperature data loggers and digital thermometers with standard probe size 7 days.
5.    Delivery time for temperature data loggers, probes and digital thermometers with customized probe size 20 days. 

§ 5. Complaints and warranty
1.    Bought and delivered Products have a warranty of Termoprodukt. In case of complaint, the Customer shall contact the Seller. The basis for considering warranty is a warranty card sent with the Product to the Customer. Warranty consideration is set in accordance with the terms of warranty.
2.    Termoprodukt includes claiming on the grounds of the statutory warranty solely in justified cases. 
3.    Complaints relating to mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only after preparing the damage report signed by the Customer and a deliverer.
4.    At the time of delivery the Product to the Customer, they are obliged to check the status of a shipment. In case of damage the Customer is obliged to decline taking the shipment and report the damage to the deliverer. The Customer shall also contact the Seller immediately.
5.    The base of consideration of the complaint is to send the Product to the address of the Seller. The shipment must contain a description of a defect and a photocopy of sales receipt. The Seller does not accept any packages sent COD.
6.  Termoprodukt devices not wanted or incorrectly ordered may be charged of 20% of invoice value in respect of packaging and administration.  All Termoprodukt returned products must be received in their original supplied condition and returned to Termoprodukt within 30 days of the original invoice date. Customer will bear all costs of returning. No products that have been specifically manufactured to the purchaser's requirements, can be returned for credit unless previously agreed with Termoprodukt. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Any complaints are considered in 14 days from the time of delivery the defected Product. In case the warranty will be considered positively, damaged Product will be repaired or replaced by new.

§ 6. Final provisions
1.    The Seller reserves the right to withdraw particular Products from sale.
2.    These Regulations is the only one document that contains terms and conditions of placing and processing the orders in Online Store of Termoprodukt.
3.    In case of any doubts related to shopping or any opinions, please contact us by e-mail: